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Caravan Skirting Systems

Complete the look with: Variform Vinyl Skirting System

Having bought your holiday home, park home or lodge, sited it and maybe added a deck it would be a pity to leave the underside of your investment open to the environment. A Variform UPVC skirting kit not only improves the look of your home it also insulates beneath it and prevents any build up of windblown debris gathering under your home.

Variform has been an industry leader in the vinyl skirting industry for over 20 years
They use state of the art technology to guarantee colour accuracy and consistency from panel to panel. Their easy –to-install panels are impact tested and checked for compound consistency and heat distortion. All Variform products are made in the USA, built to stand the test of time and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.




Components That Make The Difference:

  • Our front rail resists warping and blowout because an overlapping design allows for expansion and contraction of the panels in any climate.
  • Removable panel design lets you store garden tools, lawn furniture and children’s toys out of site but not out of reach.
  • Panel profile adds strength.
  • The back rail is designed to receive the front rail and panels self-adjust to ground level fluctuations caused by changes in weather.
  • Pre-notched front top rails also quick snap into back rails reducing installation time. Installation guides keep panels from snagging on rail fasteners and buckling.
  • Special interlocking panels keep skirting secure and locks hidden to enhance your homes appearance.
  • Ventilated panels help eliminate moisture build-up and allow for proper air circulation. Please check your homes specifications for proper ventilation requirements.
  • Our “F-shaped” bottom rail provides a stable foundation and prevents the channel from buckling. It also provides pre-cut slots for ease of ground attachment.

Extra-wide 16” panels mean fewer panels to cut and cuts down on installation time

Attractive rough-sawn texture

Available in solid and patented centre-vented panels designed for maximum air flow

Two designer colours match all applications, Tan & Sand
installing the Variform Vinyl skirting system.

The ground or ‘F’ track can be fixed to a slab or paving stone base with rawlplugs and screws or even straight onto the grass using the 7” aluminium spikes supplied in the trim kits.

Ensure the trim is as level as possible; the inner edge of the trim channel should be level with the side of the caravan. (Check this by holding a plumb line on the side of the caravan)

To go around corners simply cut a ‘V’ section at 90 degrees out of the back of the track and bend to required angle. The joint will not be visible from the front or face side.

Next fix the top rear section trim to the bottom of the caravan, this is best done by fixing a batten (roofing batten is great for this) around the bottom of the van screwing up into the timber that can be located around the edges of all vans.

Once the batten is in place fix the trim to it with the screws provided in the trim kit, ensure that the trim is kept parallel with the caravan and fix the screws in the centre of the slots to allow for expansion and contraction during changes in the weather. The track is simply bent around the corners of the caravan and can be cut or drilled to go around or over pipes or obstructions.

With bottom trim (F track) in place and the rear top trim attached to the caravan. There is no need to seal around these trims as you are not piercing the skin of the caravan water will run down the panels onto the ground.

You will see in the picture lengths of panel that have been pre cut to length using a pair of tin snips or shears, note that there are two ribs formed in the top rear trim, these are markers for very hot or very cold climates, all UK installations should have panels cut to fit between these lines. Once cut the panels interlock with each other to form a closed skirt.

A panel being cut to length with a pair of shears; panels are supplied in 12 foot (3657mm) lengths and are available in centre vented.

For most applications it is best to have one vented panel for every two plain or if you wish have all vented.

Always start the skirting panels from an outside corner; the shape shown in fig 4 was obtained simply by bending the panel over the corner of a table or some other hard square surface. Once bent in this manor the material will retain this shape.

Once you have all the panels cut and in place you may have a gap or an overlap where they join, there is enough free play in the joints on this system to gain or loose some 10” or 12” in the overall length, so with a little jiggling of the panels a perfect fit can be achieved.

Once all the panels are cut and in situ you can start fixing the front top trim to complete the job.
Select from the trim kit a piece of front top trim that has a pre-cut corner as in fig.6 (there are 4 of these per kit) if you need more than 4 outside corners use a factory cut one as a template to trace and cut others.
Starting at a corner push the front top trim into the front back trim a bit at a time until the first piece is in place.

Other pieces can now be added in the same manor, note that the factory cut ends have a recess cut into them to allow for overlapping if more joints are needed use one of these factory cuts as a template to cut others.                                       

The front top trim in its fixed position, if access is required this trim can be lifted at any point on the caravan (except corners) into its ‘open’ position giving full access to the underside of the caravan by lifting out one or more skirting panels.

Once items have been removed or placed under the van simply slide the skirting panels back into place and snap the front top trim down into its closed position.

To keep Variform skirting looking as good as new all that is required is a wash down with a mild detergent once or twice a season, do not attempt to use solvents on it as they may damage the surface.

Warning: Variform skirting will stand up to the worst the UK weather can throw at it but it will not cope with the dreaded strimmer, when cutting surrounding grass be aware line strimmers can damage this product and any damage done by such will invalidate the warranty.

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